Incredibox App Reviews

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The incredible in three name really stands as this is one of the most creative music apps I’ve ever seen Can’t wait to see what v7 will look like

Best game ever

This game is the funniest game i’ve ever played

lipshatgame is good

This game is amazing, you make music, and you don’t really know how to make music, but your ears are giving you dopamine anyways.

It Gud

It Gud

The next one

Can y’all try to make another one just one more

Needs more cowbell

This is amazing I’m truly enjoying this app. However for 4 bucks I want more! I want more versions! Especially one with cowbell!


This game is so fun I could play it all my old school my my old music teacher let us play this game one time.

Cool incredibox

This truly cool app incredibox is amazing.I love it is really fun to play i like the sound .

I love this game.

This game brings me joy and I can’t wait till the next update comes out. This game helps make cool beats that I show to my brother. It’s brings bonding time for me and him so this game is amazing.


Tons of fun, easily allows you to make great music

Very fun

Very fun musical game


Plz make a new song

Absolute magnificence

I like watching the videos, but being able to create my own is just. FREEDOM!!!!!!!

This app is incredible

This is such an amazing app and is definitely worth the four dollars. I think it helps kids to learn how to make music with teamwork. It is really an awesome app and is extremely fun to play.

Great game

I bought it and I had time she’s I used it


This game offers different styles to try out and many beats that go with it. Really something to pass the time with!!!

Top 50 is Broken

I love this app. The music is great and it it is really fun to use. The top 50 is broken though. I have a song that should be up there but isn’t and it has been 2 weeks!! Plz fix



Awesome App!

This app is amazing! Keep up the good work! Whenever i’m sad or depressed, I can always remember the fact that I can just “pump it up and chill”. This app allows me to make sick beats that I can resist dancing too. Once again, awesome job on creating this app and I love your work. P.S., you should definitely buy and check this app out, I would recommend it if I were you!


This app is really cool! It’s a lot of fun.


I like it. It’s a good app. It’s worth a visit.


Nice game.


I love this app!! But I think there should be levels that include CHALLENGES. Like, there should be a melody of the week! For example, there is a tune that the player has to mimic,BUT, they have to figure out how. They can listen to the tune as many times as they want, and they have to use their hearing to mimic the melody. If they finish the challenge before the end of the week, they get a prize!! ( You producer people can figure out the prize by your selfs)

Incredibox rocks they should add a v6 for Africa


V1 is gone?!?!

Incredibox is the best game I’ve downloaded so far but it’s still a bit lose because I loved alpha (V1) please do an update to make the app more sturdy.


👌 It’s a good


So many combinations, incredibly functional! Buy it! It is SOOOOOOOO worth it. It really is incredible, worth the one dollar. So glad it’s no longer five dollars, I would pay that if they added another section with a female artist, I like how it’s only one person, if you could do that with a female that’s awesome. And also more music, as many combinations as there are, I’m greedy and want more!!! Overall, incredibox is my favorite app on my phone ever! Just think about what I said for future updates.

Incredible (edited)

This truly is a great app for young people who want to make dreams a reality. For me I started incredibox like 2 days ago and I already unlocked all bonuses (up to current version) and I also made a few mixes. With this app I can jump higher and higher and do my best when it comes to beat making. Thanks developers for an awesome app and also I can’t wait to see what versions you will add in the future. One more thing, please add version 1 of incredibox please I want that Christmas bonus. And remember to keep beat making and stay incredibly incredible on incredibox. P.s. I play on mobile. Also, for a tip, instead of a specific duration each recording has to follow (Alive duration is 2 minutes and 43 seconds) I would recommend to make the duration infinite (or users can choose default duration as well as infinity mode) for every version, so that way people can make long songs without rushing to finish there current mix (the users can stop whenever). Like if someone wanted to make a 10 minute song they would be able to do so if users want to make dance tracks (full versions). Also we need more bonuses, users might say that the old bonuses might be stale and want more animations (update weekly maybe). Other than that. Thanks for making this app.


V1 is taking forever to come in incredibox hurry plz


This App Is AWSOME. But I Think You Should Add These To The Next Update. Gamemodes: Look. I Think Making Music Is Fun in This Game. But I’m Looking For More Ways To! Versus And Campaign Are Fine. BG and FG: There Needs To Be A Option In Setting Where You Can Change The Background And Foreground Somehow! You Can Use Pictures And Custom Colors is a Suggestion. Lyrics: Ok. I Can Understand About 10 To No Words In A Bonus. There Needs To Be A Place Where You Can Place The Lyrics So I Can Understand It.


Hey so far so good are u working on another plz tell us

Yay 😁

There are six versions of incredibox YAY 😁

It’s the funniest game I’ve ever played

This game is full of joy and education. I really enjoy playing with this app! I hope other ppl will enjoy this app


This game is so cool I love it because all of my cousins play it’s

Add The Alpha!

I just saw the amazing update on the computer where the alpha got revamped, which is amazing! Hope you guys can add it to mobile!

This is amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

At first incredibox on the computer was good so I had no resin to buy this one but it 11 times better with modes like Brazil 🇧🇷 and alive better sharing

Incredible incredibox

I was on the App Store until I found this app. It has so much to offer that all people should play it.


I found out about this when my music teacher showed it to us and since then I’ve been addicted to making music in literally the easiest way I’ve ever seen! I love it so much 👊



where are the women?!

Incredible app. My kids love learning about music with Incredibox. One BIG criticism: where are the females? Question for developer: have you been reading the news lately, or do you live under a rock? Women are underrepresented in the music industry and your app is reinforcing the male stereotypes. Boo!! (you could get a five-star review from me if you make a critical change and represent females in your music app... and I’m not talking about adding a “token female”. Show us you mean it and let’s see AT LEAST 50% female characters)

Love the game

Very easy to learn and fun to hear the bonuses

Great game to play and learn

This game is great to learn how music works with loops. Every loop fits perfectly with all the loops so it’s fun to mess around and see how other loops fits with each other’s.


Too much fun. Love it!

Perfect for anyone

It’s cool how incredibox is for everyone. But I want to know if it’s actually real people who did the sounds or if there computer generated. I can do a few of them, but I still want to know. Plus I think you missed a few of the characters in bonuses. Either way, it’s so awesome! Please add version one (which for people who are wondering is kind of creepy by the way) to the mobile version because people will be curious. Still, thanks for adding incredibox to the world because it is amazing! -Anonymous reviewer

Creative fun for kids and adults

So fun. The sounds are great and there are lots of possibilities. Eventually I can imagine running out of creative combinations. Hopefully they add more sounds regularly.


Love it! It’s so relaxing and fun to put together all sorts of beats. Only thing I’d prefer is that you make an add-on of some sort that gives true composers more options, more special scenes, and a bigger party. Keep doing what you’re doing and “always try to do your best.”

Magical Sounds

You can make any beats you want with the people and 5 different modes. I had this before on my computer but now I can make a beat , plug in headphones and relax to my own sounds! Worth the money.

When’s v7

I don’t want to bud you but when is v7

Love it

Love it

Great app!

Please make it available for macs! My music students love to play it but the new ones aren’t available! 😢

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