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Perfect app for Dj’s

I’m an actual Dj and I really suggest this app for anyone and I mean anyone because it’s a really good start to being an awesome Dj I really like “the love” because it’s kinda a rap version and I’m in a rap band that actually only types the words that pop up on top of the screen.


It’s fun because it’s really really hard but you had find the right icons

It's great, but...

I NEED V6!! I don't mean to rush you three guys, but PLEASE make V6! I know you three are working hard, but it's already been a YEAR since you made V5, so I BEG you to V6 a month later! P.S. Add the 1st version to the game!!

Amazing time killer and beat droper😍

This app is the best form of music I’ve seen on the App Store! I would like a version of every sound in one. That would be cool.




Great game I had this game on my old iPad and it was 8 dollars but its 3 so the sale was good +it a good to express your musictaly


I have been playing Incredibox on the computer for years and I have loved it ever since! This Is my favorite thing to do! Keep up the good work!

my students love it

My students often ask, "can we do that game with the ipad that makes music and cool sounds?" I like how it lets you swap and experiment with different sounds.


Totally noice. Can't wait for the next version!!

Such fun

Can’t stop playing this game because it’s so fun and no glitches..... :)

Incredibox, truly Incredible

I’ve been playing this game since I first saw it last year in my band class, and Incredibox is amazing. The crisp art style looks great, as good as the music sounds, too. However, I’ve always had a few questions about this game. They’re silly, but I’ve always been curious. Who is the big guy in V1? Are the Incredibox people sad? They look pretty happy in The Love and Brazil, I’m mainly talking about Little Miss. What does Little Child video mean? Yeah, I’m probably overthinking it, but I love this game and am just wondering. Incredibox is amazing!


Great app! Very little does it glitch, and great melodies! I love how you can vote on other people's songs and see if your song is a hit! I definitely recommend it, and it is great for the price!


I was hooked on using this on the web and waited years for them to finally release it on iOS. One of my few insta-buys. Loving it.


This app makes you do wonderful songs which all of them are amazing. 10/10 IGN


x3 it's so cool and the little icons to drag on them,ugh, SO COOOOoOoOoOOoOoOoOolLLlLlLllLlLlL. c:


Five star review. This app is amazing and fun. It's creative and it's definitely worth the money.


I love this game and all, but I don't want to rush you guys but when is v6 coming out? It's been a year from V5 so, what gives?Thanks Incredibox Team For Responding To My Question. I Am Just 9 Years Old So I Cannot Use Facebook. (Plz make v7 m&m s and v8 Mexico plz) thanks ;)


I found Incredibox 3 / 4 months ago, and K've been wanting V5 ever since, and I have to say, I'm not disappointed. Although, I do want access to Bite-Sized Beats; which would make the game complete. Thank you for this.

Great app

This app is really fun and is definitely worth the money




So much fun. My kids and I love it. Especially the bonuses. Fantastic, simple, beautiful, and inspiring.


I love it. A perfect app for people that are talented or not talented in music


Make more rappers make more technology ones please.


Best thing in the world

It's only missing one thing

The only thing I wish it would keep playing in the background so I could setup a nice beat and let it play while I do other things

Never Gets Old

I played this amazing game in grade school, and I fell in love. It never gets old, there are so many ways to make beats and music. I love how if you create a certain combination , you unlock a music video. I have to say though, the group Little Miss is kind of annoying to me. I don't like the symbols in that group I like the colors. But it's jut my opinion so it's fine. I LOVE THIS APP AND YOU SHOULD GET IT TOO!!


Awesome....that's all I can say....that's all that needs to be said.

It's really cool and fun

I love this app I really like to use it really awesome I would love it if you kept making versions and new beats. Definitely worth buying

Wonderful App To Make Your Own Music

This app is great. I just bought it today, but I've played it on my computer countless times before and I love it just the same. The interface is easy to use, the loading times are very small, I like how you can share your own music with social media and listen to the top 50 songs for all the 4 versions. The only thing I would want is to be able to see newest/all songs or maybe search bar to search for songs. This is a must buy if you want to have some fun playing around or make great music!

Love the app but want more updates

Plzzzzzz do more updates I love the app but after you hear all the sounds so many times it leaves you wanting more


Amazing app!


I love this app! But can you add v1 too to iOS?

Amazingly Fun

My students LOVE this app, and every time my grandson comes over, the first thing he asks for is Incredibox. This app rocks (no pun intended LOL)!!!

Shityist app ever

I can't even hear enything at all the creator needs to keep ok himself

Best app ever!!!!!!!!

I love this app so much not only is it fun but it's inspiring because I love to sing and it gives me an opportunity to really get some new cords in my voice. I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!


I love it, it's amazing.

To expensive!

I think that this is a great app but I don't think it's good enough to be worth 4 dollars. It just doesn't have enough content to be worth 4 dollars. Like they could add some sort of challenge or like some reward system or even achievements. I mean it's just 4 melodies.

There was a little sound problem

When I tried to play without headphones I would get no sound. With headphones it was a lot better. It's a lot of fun. The app it's self is creative and fun.👍👍👍👍

It's super lit 🔥😩

I think it's fun and addicting

Beats up

Nice app the one thing I will say though is that you can't really make any up beat sounds like it's all mellow tone I like the hype up beat stuff and also not Verne much options for sounds and very few spots needs work lots of room to grow

Simply awesome

I always liked Incredibox but if you compare the webpage and the app the app simply wins



Loads of fun

This is a great game to get

horrible game

i want my money back

Pooper man

Dude it's awesome!


Simple to learn. Can spend hours mastering


This is just amazing


I love use this app when Im bored, and I love that I dont need WiFi to use the game like any other app where you have to use Wifi or data. Bravo! Five stars.

Brazil sound

Brazil sounds like someone is blowing bubbles in my toilet. The others' sound qualities are great.

Fantastic game

When I found incredibox in version 2 i always wanted there to be an app. I haven't stopped playing and having fun with it since I found it, great job!

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